Taking a socially-conscious approach to my creative pursuits, I engage with art as both a creator and a curator. I am broadly interested in archive making, the development of digital culture and community engagement. In the studio, I draw inspiration from news, sociology research and personal experience, creating works that reflect on contemporary cultures. I experiment with a symbiosis of techniques, selecting media that best suit the context of audience interaction: images and moving images, texts, interactive objects and webpages. With an investigative lens and a touch of surrealism, these works create tension among familiarity and estrangement which raise awareness and provoke dialogue.

Cave Dance

I designed and developed at Harvard CAMLab  the website of Cave Dance - a web platform to present a hypermedia database containing photos, videos and 3D models. Flowering from the diverse body of research of an interdisciplinary project, Cave Dance manifests as a set of digital installations that elucidate the multifold culture of dance in Buddhist cave shrines. The website immerses the audiences in a dynamic world of Dunhuang dance, but also leads them into the deeper cultural dimension of Buddhist dance—where audiences are invited to contemplate the themes of body, life, and spiritual transcendence embodied by the celestial dance in the cave.


Initiated in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, IMMEMORY: on COVID-19 is a long-term digital curatorial project that aims to facilitate sharing of creative and thoughtful responses to the changing pandemic crisis from around the world. The current edition of the digital archive is a growing, curated collection of artworks representing over 40 countries. The website was officially nominated for the 25th Annual Webby Awards as the Best Cultural Blog/Website of 2021 (Webby’s Winners Gallery).

IMMEMORY: on COVID-19 是我策划的一个历史存档式的项目,自COVID-19疫情之初开始收集世界各地的人用“艺术的方式”提示出来的、对于疫情不同侧面的思考和记录。因为这场大流行中事态、观念的变化都十分迅速,因此想要提供一个通道,以日期和地区为线索,保留人们面对一个急剧变化的世界最直接、敏感的反应,以及疫情中创作环境的改变所导致的新创意形式。策展的时候希望发挥线上展的特点,让一些原本受制于物理展厅空间的图文互证关系得到阐释,于是比较注重收集提交者们所撰写的、相当于导览的文本。项目收到了来自近40个国家的各种作品300余件;作品具有互联网艺术、视频、绘画、雕塑、舞蹈、概念设计等多种形态。IMMEMORY项目网站获得国际数字艺术与科学协会颁发的2021年Webby Awards最佳文化类网站的官方提名(Webby’s Winners Gallery)。
My Project Roles: Director, Executive Curator, Web Designer & Developer

纪录公社 | Jilu Commune

Jilu Commune is a free, communal resource website dedicated to sharing nonfiction filmmaking resources with creators at large, particularly for those who are based in China. We created this website to share carefully curated resources and tools to help documentary/nonfiction filmmakers grow professionally. The site also features a filmmaker directory for anyone who is expanding their network and looking for collaborators for their projects.

My Project Roles: Strategiest, Technology & Design Consultant

In The Spirit Of The 21st Century

A series of figurative interpretation of contemporary sociopolitical and cultural issues, drawing inspiration from research, news and personal experience.
Mixed media, digital paint, animation, illustration, editorial, Web


An intervention in art museums to foster empathy. Presented at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Anderson Collection at Stanford University.
Creative coding, Arduino, thermal printer, custom-made electronics, installation

Your internet search history is a recycling bin for traces of intellectual and emotional output from your brain. Turn this E-waste into something meaningful to you.
Creative coding, open source instructions


Scroll less & read more on Facebook with this Chrome extension.
Creative coding, Chrome browser extension, installation


A multimedia installation for mental health awareness.
Video, mixed media, installation

Life On Respirator

An interactive installation to protest against air pollution.
Creative coding, Arduino, sensors, facial mask, installation

Augmented Ping-Pong

Players must decide from three alternative realities.
Creative coding, projection mapping, Arduino, sensors, ping-pong table, custom-made electronics, installation

The old world imploded from within. A new world awaits new instructions to begin. Following the legacy of Fluxus event scores in the 1960s, Infected Instructions calls for instructional art that reflects on and responds to the current global crises, most notably pandemics and climate change.
Web, text, performance scores


An online space for meditation and self-reflection
peppered with nostalgic imagery.
Web, creative coding, photography, mixed media