Google Searches

Turn your E-waste into something meaningful to you

by Chun Wang

Google search entries, as direct output from my brain speaking to the internet, approximate my train of thoughts and feelings better than anything else. Creating and watching a silent movie in which the script is entirely made up of my own Google search entries of this year is an out-of-world experience. The trips I planned, companies I wanted to work for, persons I was interested in, my concerns, my dreams. At one moment I feel ashamed of some of my searches, the next moment they make me proud because of where they lead.

Following my instructions you will be able to create your own Google Searches movie.

Screen control


In 2020 in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, I created a variant of this project, which takes on the form of a piece of instruction, in the legacy of Fluxus in the 60’s:

Search Diary

Your internet search history is a recycling bin for traces of intellectual and emotional output from your brain. Turn this E-waste into something meaningful to you.

Visit your Google Search history online.

For each of the days after your life has changed, pick one entry that you like the most from your search history of the day, reflect on what triggered this particular search, and write down one concise sentence about why you like it. Compile into a unique diary.

Tip: use the date filter to help you navigate through your search entries.

Check it out in the Infected Instructions exhibition.