Selected Work

I create virtual and physical interactive objects that are opinionated about contemporary cultural, social and political issues.


“On COVID-19: IMMEMORY” is an online exhibition I initiated and am curating for which showcases creative and thoughtful responses to the changing pandemic crisis. “IMMEMORY” in the sense that the current crisis produces many artifacts that quickly get forgotten, that narratives are changing rapidly, that our perceptions are constantly shifting. Ongoing OPEN CALL for submissions.
Curatorial project, multimedia

Google Searches

Your internet search history is a recycling bin for traces of intellectual and emotional output from your brain. Turn this E-waste into something meaningful to you.
Web programming, open source instructions


Scroll less & read more on Facebook with this Chrome extension.
Chrome extension, Web programming, installation

Augmented Ping-Pong

Players must decide from three alternative realities.Processing, piezo sensors, Arduino, projection mapping onto analog ping-pong table

Intervention in art museums to foster empathy.Arduino, thermal printer, custom-made objects, Web programming

人肉吸霾机/Life On Respirator

Interactive installation to raise awareness against air pollution.
Arduino, Processing, humidity sensor, motion detection


Online exhibition peppered with nostalgic imagery.
Mixed-media, Processing, Photography, Web programming

In The Spirit of 21st Century

Editorial illustrations interrogating comtemporary culture.
Illustration, animation

Experimental Cinema Project

Experimental video series that venture into the deep psychological space of the modern man.
1. Still I Rise (05:05)
2. One Day (04:19)
3. All Roses Wither (05:29)

Exhibitions & Press