Human-Centric Design Challenge #4

Planning a Vacation

Check out our team’s final design report here

The Prompt:

We are expecting that the design challenge should take you 4-6 hours and you will go through at least one full cycle of the design thinking process. The main skill being tested in this final is your ability to reason through the large set of methods and skills you have acquired in the course thus far, and apply them in the correct circumstances and for the correct goals. Not every method is appropriate for the type of problem you are solving or the data you have gathered. This is a test of how you make decisions about which approaches to apply and your ability to motivate them.

Skills involved:

Planning: Plan is a strong, comprehensive approach to solving the selected design challenge.

Decision-making: Decisions and selected processes are effective, appropriate and thoughtfully selected with strong understanding of what is being done at each step and why.

Design process execution & Documentation: Design deliverables are exemplary. Every artifact shared shows a deep understanding of the goal. Report is thorough and does very effective job in clearly communicating what was done and why.