Human-Centric Design Challenge #2

Change Is Hard

Check out our team’s final design report here

The Prompt:

Design a system that helps people achieve the behavior change goal. How do you intercede with the user’s motivation, ability, and trigger (

Part 1: Research the Opportunity Space: form a team, pick a behavior design goal, and launch a diary study.

Part 2: Model the System: synthesize the results of the study into a journey map and plan out the flow of a design informed by the results.

Part 3: Specify the Interaction: refine this flow into a prototype that you can test

Part 4: Field Study: perform a field study of the prototype

Skills involved:

User Research: Diary study uncovers nontrivial insights about the habit.

Flow and Interaction Design: Design represents creative, effective intervention on the habit.

Field Study: Field study uncovers nontrivial insights about the design the habit.

Snippets from our design report: